Innovative, creative and evidence-based digital experiences for brands

Our blend of experience in research, design and technology, means we’re able to understand and solve your business challenges.

Based on a foundation of research (about your company, market and audiences), our strategic approach leads to powerful digital experiences.

Our people have successfully delivered work for a variety of global brands, across many different industries and sector.

The strengths of KEEN


We start with a collaborative journey of discovery through robust research. Each project is based on a shared appreciation of your aims and a deep understanding of the needs and behaviours of your audience.


Curiosity beats at the heart of everything we create. With a rich and varied background in creative industries, we generate ideas which are inspiring, ambitious and groundbreaking.


Technology enables us to get the desired response. Whether it’s Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, we find emotive and convincing ways to tell stories, educate, sell products and raise brand awareness.